I shall finish this post whenever I want to

I would really like to write a lifestyle blog on what to cook, wear, and maybe do some DIYs. But the problem are I'm too lazy and of course, lacking of money. Sebenarnya boleh je kan kalau betul2 nak, tapi masalahnya diri sendiri lah kan? So, just let me list all the things I want to do (or share in the blog that I'd love to have) for the rest of my life!

1. Live in London
-Pernah juga terfikir nanti lepas belajar (or before entering the university I wanted to study there, but well...) nak kerja kat sana. Well, it was more to study there and work at a cafe (rasanya banyak tengok movie, but I really want [still ] to have my own bakery or\and cafe) as a part time job.
-Kenapa London? Kenapa kafe? well it's just because I've seen and heard about what a wonderful view and weather London have! Besides the fact that I was haunted by the dictation of British once back then in Malaya, I was somehow hesitate to love UK for that reason but I still cant help myself from unloving this country.

2. Decorate my own house
- with cheap decorations and DIYs. I don't mind having a small space, but comfy is a must.
- back then I wanted to be an anterior designer but I'm soooooo not creative and I realized that so I just let it be a dream.

you know what, I start writing this post at 11 am and now it's already 11 pm.
i'm so done with myself ugh