Hello Kamu

Hey. So, did you notice? It has been a long long loooong time since I last write an entry.. and I think I have to start over.

Well, it has been really unproductive routine(s) here in USM. hm, but it has been like that right after I finished school. By that unproductive I mean in the things I like...

I need a space for me to express myself. like back then, I had a book full of drawings and poetries and short stories for my pals to read. But now, in university, whoever (still or do) read personal books? Ugh.

My works are meant to be shared. I feel wasted if they're ignored :( which makes me dont want to make, any more. But because of that there are urgessssss inside of me to pour everything out aaaandddd I dont know how.

makkkkkkk it's so stressful.

Ya, so. I hope this is the best (platform?) eventhough I'm not used to share this publicly.