Personality test.

I have just taken a personality test.
ye, macam tajuk kat atas tuh.
It was... boring. but the result was kinda true. here it is.

Your total score is 13 and the average score is 9.36
Your Grade ** Right brain dominant **
# You have a conceptual outlook and prefer to look at the bigger picture. You prefer doing things in random order and you do not like schedules and time limits. You are seen as creative, imaginative and artistic.
# Right brained individuals would benefit from reading an outline of the material that they are about to learn. It would be helpful for them to make a quick review before the lecture, for example by reading the introduction of  the book and the chapters to be covered.
 Right brained individuals are more skilled at sensing when an answer is right even when they cannot prove why it is correct. They can make sense of information that is not immediately apparent and therefore are better at instinctively arriving at correct answers.
*yes! exactly! I have problem in explaining things. 
# Right brained individuals prefer concrete and real objects that they can touch and see. They are more visual and may benefit from visualization and mnemonic techniques that would help them remember words and numbers.

you can take the test here > http://www.personalitytest.net/